The HTK Pad Provides Unrivaled Protection Against Injuries to the Hip, Tailbone and Knees That Can Be Fatal to Seniors.

How the Pad Works

The HTK Pad is specifically designed to help minimize injuries of the hip, tailbone and kneecaps. The majority of hip fractures are caused by falls to the side. The patented hard-shell hip pads are designed to take the impact of a fall and distribute that impact from the hip bone to the surrounding muscles. The impact is further lessened by the double thick neoprene rubber pads.

The tailbone is normally injured in a backward fall onto a hard surface.  There is a double thick neoprene pad to help absorb the impact.

The knee is protected from impacts from the sides and front areas by the same double layer of neoprene pads. 

In 2010 alone, 10 million knee injuries were treated by doctors.  A vast number of these people were injured by falls to the knees.

Why HTK Pads?

Falls can and do happen everywhere, even in places you normally feel safe.  The home can be a dangerous place for falls and is most often where falls occur. 

Hospitals, Assisted Living and Nursing Homes experience so many patient falls, that these facilities often have “Fall Boards”.  This Board consists of a group of professionals dedicated to the specific purpose of dealing with Patient Falls.

Scientifically Engineered

Comfortable to Wear

Helps to Build Confidence to Get Active Again

Easy to Put On and Take Off


Can Be Worn Anywhere

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Worn outside of clothing?

Scientifically proven protection?

Protection for multiple areas?
(e.g. hip, knee, and tailbone)

Affordable cost?

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get protection from devastating injuries